Are There Any Ongoing Fees Associated with Owning Land in Fee Simple? (Property Taxes)


Land owned in fee simple gives you the most complete form of property ownership. But are there any ongoing fees associated with owning land in fee simple? The answer is yes, and the most common fee you’ll encounter is property taxes. Let’s break this down in a way that’s both fun and informative!


Understanding Fee Simple Ownership


First, a quick recap on fee simple ownership. When you own land in fee simple, you have full control over the property. You can use, sell, lease, or bequeath it as you please. This ownership is indefinite, meaning it lasts forever and can be passed down to your heirs. While this sounds like a dream, it does come with responsibilities—like paying property taxes.


The Role of Property Taxes


Property taxes are the primary ongoing fee associated with owning land in fee simple. These taxes are levied by local governments and are used to fund public services such as schools, roads, and emergency services. The amount you pay depends on the assessed value of your property and the local tax rate.


How Property Taxes Are Calculated


Property taxes are typically calculated based on the assessed value of your property. Here’s a simplified breakdown:


  1. Assessment: A local government assessor determines the value of your property, considering factors like location, size, and improvements.
  2. Tax Rate: Your local government sets a tax rate, often expressed as a percentage of your property’s assessed value.
  3. Calculation: The assessed value is multiplied by the tax rate to determine your annual property tax bill.


For example, if your property is assessed at $200,000 and the tax rate is 1.5%, your annual property tax would be $3,000.


Other Potential Fees


While property taxes are the main ongoing fee, there may be other costs to consider:

  •  Homeowner Association (HOA) Fees: If your property is in a community with an HOA, you might have to pay monthly or annual fees for maintenance and amenities.
  •  Insurance: While not a tax, maintaining property insurance is an ongoing expense that protects your investment.
  •  Maintenance Costs: Regular maintenance, repairs, and utilities are ongoing costs that come with owning property.
Keeping Up with Payments


It’s important to stay on top of your property tax payments. Most local governments offer multiple payment options, including annual, semi-annual, or quarterly installments. Failure to pay property taxes can result in penalties, interest, or even a lien on your property.




In summary, while owning land in fee simple provides the most comprehensive property rights, it does come with ongoing fees, primarily in the form of property taxes. These taxes support essential public services and are a key part of property ownership. By understanding and budgeting for these fees, you can enjoy the benefits of fee simple ownership without any financial surprises.


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